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Analysis of Writing Overview & Peer Review

Analysis of Writing Overview & Peer Review published on

This is the post for December 29, 2017.

Notes for Today

  • Holiday weekend. I have designed the course so that you can catch up (or take a break) on the weekends. Since Monday is a holiday, you have a long weekend. The next new Module will be work for Tuesday, 1/2.
  • Posting on the blog. I have to approve your first comment on the blog before it appears. After I approve the first one, your comments will approve as soon as you post them. I use this strategy to keep spammers off the site.
  • Using examples wisely. The examples linked from the assignments show you what some students have done for the assignment. Don’t copy them exactly. Be original.
  • Lots of resources today. There are several additional posts today that you can comment on. Even if you decide not to comment, be sure to check out the content. It will help you with this second assignment.

Readings for Today

Tasks for Today

  1. Submit your Professional Bio in Canvas by 11:59PM today if you are taking advantage of the grace period.
  2. Complete the tasks and readings included in the Analysis of Writing in Your Field Overview & Peer Review Module in Canvas:
    1. Read the Analysis assignment. You will create a table of the kinds of writing in your field. The project is due on Tuesday, January 2. The grace period for the project ends on Wednesday, January 3.
    2. Read the relevant information that will help you with specific parts of your project:
      1. Find info to help with the Audience column in your project in Audience Analysis: Primary, Secondary, and Hidden Audiences (from Writing Commons). The missing image for Table 1 is available at You can also read Chapter 2 of Technical Writing: Audience Analysis.
      2. Find info on ethics. If you are focusing on ethics in your table, check out Ethics in Technical Writing, Chapter 9 (9.1–9.6) of Technical Writing.
      3. Find info on intercultural and global issues. If you are focusing on intercultural and global issues in your table, check out Practicing Intercultural Communication from Writing Commons. The Worldwide Cellphone Etiquette Infographic (above on the right) demonstrates all the intercultural considerations that can go into something as simple as a business phone call.
        You can also read “Appreciating Different Cultures” from Wikibooks.
      4. Check any of the textbooks on the syllabus for information on the specific kinds of writing you will include in your table. The textbooks can especially help with describing the characteristics of kinds of writing.
    3. By 11:59PM, submit your 12/29 Labor Log in Canvas. Your log should cover all the work you have done for the course this week. The grace period for your log entry ends at 11:59 PM tomorrow (12/30).
  3. Compose your Analysis project in Microsoft Word. Google Docs and Excel will not allow you to format the contents within the table cells easily. Your research for this project can include looking at business writing and/or technical writing textbooks, thinking about things you have written during internships and other related jobs, and interviewing people in the field or professors who can tell you about writing in your field.
  4. Record the work you do during this long weekend in your Labor Log. I will only grade the work that you recorded through today (Friday) You’ll have another entry due next Friday, and of course, you will use the information you are tracking when you write your final exam.


Note: Today’s infographic needs a text-based transcript. See the Optional Accessibility Transcript Activity for more details.



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