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Professional Bio Submission

Professional Bio Submission published on

This is the post for December 28, 2017.

Notes for Today

  • Let’s Go, Hokies! I plan to be distracted by the football game this evening. If you email or post in the Facebook Group during the game, I will probably respond after the game. Please don’t worry if you don’t receive an immediate response.
  • Like button on course website comments. I’ve added a plugin that places a Like button on each comment you make on this site. I think it’s a little small, and I would like to remove some of the extra space it has added to the comments. When I have time, I’ll try editing the plugin; so don’t worry if you notice the appearance changing. It will still work the same way.
  • Likes mean I read your post. If I like your comment here or your post in the Facebook Group, I have read what you wrote. I reply occasionally, but I try to let the class drive the conversation.

Readings for Today

Tasks for Today

  1. Complete the tasks and readings included in the Professional Bio Submission Module in Canvas:
    1. Learn how to improve the appearance of your documents, by reading the #Infographic, #Fact, and #Watch posts for today. Strengthen the first impression of your Professional Bio by applying these ideas before you turn in your project.
    2. Submit your Professional Bio in Canvas by 11:59PM. If you are taking advantage of the grace period, submit your bio by 11:59PM on Friday, 12/29.
  2. Record the work you have done for the day in your Labor Log.
  3. (Optional) If you are working toward a grade higher than a B, you can add resources or advice that relate to abcdef in the Facebook Group and/or comment on the extra posts (#Infographic, #Fact, and #Watch).
  4. If you want to get ahead, you can read the assignment for the Analysis of Writing in Your Field assignment, which we will begin tomorrow.


Note: The infographic in today’s post needs a text-based transcript. See the Optional Accessibility Transcript Activity for more details. Infographic claimed by TC on 12/28.


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