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Professional Bio Overview & Peer Review

Professional Bio Overview & Peer Review published on

This is the post for December 27, 2017.

Notes for Today

  • Assignments all loaded in Canvas. I’ve published the five major projects, final exam, labor logs, and group peer review sessions are in Canvas. If you are a planner who likes to map out due dates, you can now find the schedule in Canvas.
  • Writing Groups are set up. Everyone has been randomly assigned to a writing group in Canvas.
  • Error in the image on the right. The image urges you to keep up with the class on Slack; however, we are not using Slack this term. I just noticed the error. Since the rest of the information is pertinent, I decided to leave it on the post.
  • Modules in the works. I plan to have all the Modules for the term set up by the end of the week (sooner if possible). I’ve never used Modules in Canvas before, but I’ve done some research and I think that they may make it easier to follow the work that you need to do in the course. If they aren’t working or you have any suggestions for improving the setup, let me know by posting in the Facebook Group (so others can chime in).

Readings for Today

Tasks for Today

Complete the tasks and readings included in the 2017-12-27: Professional Bio Overview & Peer Review Module in Canvas:

  1. Read the Online Discussion Guidelines.
  2. Collaborate to set ground rules for your writing group. The primary work of your writing group is explained in the Writing Groups Overview. To help make your work together go smoothly, your group should make a set of guidelines, or ground rules, for how you will collaborate.
  3. Draft your Professional Bio Statement assignment. Use the tips in the #Tutorial: Taking a Professional Photo to take or choose an appropriate image.
  4. Complete peer review in the Group Feedback on Professional Bios Discussion in Canvas:
    1. Share your draft with your writing group.
    2. Give feedback to the members of your writing group, following the suggestions in the #Watch: Peer Review Commenting Strategies post.
    3. Use the feedback from your group members to revise your Professional Bio (which is due Thursday, 12/28).
  5. Record the work you have done for the day in your Labor Log. You will submit your Log on Friday, 12/29, so be sure that you stay on top of your entries.
  6. (Optional) If you are working toward a grade higher than a B, you can add resources or advice that relate to professional bios in the Facebook Group and/or comment on the two extra posts (#Tutorial: Taking a Professional Photo and #Watch: Peer Review Commenting Strategies).


Image Credit: How to Succeed in This Online Class by Traci Gardner.



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