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Grades on Genre Analysis Reports

Grades on Genre Analysis Reports published on

I have graded all the genre analysis reports. In this post, I’ll comment on how you all did and how to proceed with your final exam.

Overall Feedback for the Class

Generally, everyone did a well on the Genre Analysis Reports. Many of you reported that you learned valuable information that you could use in the workplace. Reports tended to use appropriate headings to structure the documents well.

Addressing the Genre Activity Report in Your Final

If you received an Incomplete, you have until 11:59 PM tonight (Friday, 01/12) to turn in a revision. Unfortunately, classes are over today. Because I must turn my attention to grading the final exams, there simply isn’t time to grade revisions after today.

So What Do You Do if Your Genre Activity Report Earned an Incomplete?

  1. Take a deep breath. You are not doomed. You are in the same kind of situation as someone in the workplace who didn’t win a bid or lost a client. There’s still hope.
  2. Turn your attention to your final exam. As you explain the grade that you deserve in the course, explain what happened with your Genre Activity Report. Account for what went wrong, and convince me that you’ll deal with such situations in the future.
  3. Do not stress yourself about the “bell curve.” There are always some students who are exemplary. The idea of the curve is only to ensure that exemplary students earn higher grades than those who just meet the requirements. That may be a tough standard, but I think it’s fair. In truth, I do not plot out all the numbers in some beautiful graph; but I do pay attention to students who have gone above and beyond the norm.
  4. Focus on making your final exam persuasive by using these tips:
    1. Pay attention to the advice in the #Tutorial: Determining Your Course Grade.
    2. Use what you know about document design. Remember the value of chunking information, using information-rich headings, and making your document easy to navigate. Don’t make me (your audience) search for information. Use document design strategies that show me where everything is.
    3. Consider adding tables or graphs that support your argument. Be sure that any graphics you include add to the content. Don’t toss in clipart or other graphics just as decorations. Be sure your graphics help you make your point.
    4. Provide concrete data on your performance. Use numbers, facts, and even quotations from your work or feedback. Show me how you have done in the course. Make everything completely obvious.
    5. Remember to spellcheck and proofread. It’s important to your argument that your document is polished and professional. Errors will make your point less persuasive.


Performance Review Submission

Performance Review Submission published on

This is the post for January 12, 2018.

Notes for Today

  • Turn in any revisions by 11:59PM. If you still have Incomplete grades on any of your work, today is your last chance to turn in revisions.
  • Consider how to make your performance visual in your Performance Review. Return to the #Write: Visualize Your Progress post for ideas.

Readings for Today

Tasks for Today

  1. Visit the pages linked in the Readings above to find any of the information from earlier in the course.
  2. Complete the tasks in the Performance Review Submission Module in Canvas:

    1. Turn in your 1/12 Labor Log in Canvas by 11:59PM Friday, 1/12.
    2. Turn in your Performance Review in Canvas by 11:59PM Saturday, 1/13.
  3. Once I have everything graded, your course grade will be the grade recorded for the Performance Review in Canvas.


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