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Grades on Progress Reports

Grades on Progress Reports published on

Tutor Kitty Is Judging Your ProgressI have graded all the progress reports. I apologize for the delay in getting them back to you. I had hoped to return them yesterday (Tuesday), but a family issue came up. We had to take one of our dogs to the Vet School, and it derailed the whole day. If my delay caused you any problems, I can give you an extra day on the Genre Analysis Report. Just let me know.

Overall Feedback for the Class

The status of your work as reported in your Progress Reports indicates you are all on target to finish your projects on time.

Feedback on Progress Reports

  • Good Attention to Design. Progress reports should make it fast and easy to find the key information, and you all used information-rich headings to help block out the information and organize the document. Many of you also included an updated version of the Gantt chart that you used in your proposal—that’s a great strategy!
  • Value of the Assignment. Many of you indicated that you found the progress report useful because it allowed you to stop and reflect on the work you had done on the Genre Analysis Report. You were able to appreciate your progress on the larger report while still determining what more you had to do. That was the exact goal of the Progress Report assignment!

Revision Activities for Progress Reports

I have reopened the assignment so that those of you who want to revise can improve your project. Follow the guidelines below to resubmit your work.

  1. If I made a mistake
    Send me an email message or a private message in Canvas with the details. I’ll fix it.
  2. If there were problems with the content or design of your bio
    Revise your project to improve your work, adding whatever is missing or tweaking the design. Resubmit your project, and I will regrade your work. All revisions MUST be submitted by 11:59PM on the last day of class (Friday, 1/12).
  3. If you did not submit your work at all
    It is too late. Be sure to turn in all the remaining projects if you want to pass the course.
  4. If something else is going on
    Send me an email message or a private message in Canvas with the details. I’ll see what I can do to help you.


Genre Analysis Report Submission

Genre Analysis Report Submission published on

This is the post for January 10, 2018.

Readings for Today

Tasks for Today

  1. Complete the tasks and readings included in the Genre Analysis Report Submission Module in Canvas:
    1. Review the Textbook readings on formal reports, listed in Step 2 of the assignment.
    2. Read the Extra Posts for additional information that can help with your project. Leave a comment if you like.
  2. Check your work on your Genre Analysis Report carefully. Since there is little time left in the term, you need to be sure that your project does not need revision. In particular, consider the following:
    1. Review the rubric, which is on the assignment page in Canvas.
    2. Ensure you include all the required sections and information, listed in Step 4 of the assignment.
    3. Spellcheck and proofread your work.
  3. Record the work you have done for the day in your Labor Log.
  4. If you find yourself ahead of schedule, begin work on your final exam.



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