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Genre Analysis Report Overview

Genre Analysis Report Overview published on

This is the post for January 5, 2018.

Notes for Today

  • Progress Reports Moved to Monday. Remember that I moved all the work for the progress reports to Monday. It’s a short assignment, so one day should be enough time.

Readings for Today

Tasks for Today

  1. Complete the tasks and readings included in the Genre Analysis Report Overview Module in Canvas:
    1. Review the Genre Analysis Report assignment and Similar Project Examples by Students to refresh your understanding of the project and its requirements.
    2. . Read the information on writing reports from the online textbooks (listed above and in the Canvas Module). .
    3. Check for tools that can help with your research by reading the infographic on the right of today’s post and the blog post “12 Essential Chrome Extensions for Student Researchers” from the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning blog on research extensions.
    4. Read the Extra Posts for additional information that can help with your project. Leave a comment if you like.
    5. By 11:59PM, submit your 01/05 Labor Log in Canvas. Your log should cover all the work you have done for the course this week. The grace period for your log entry ends at 11:59 PM tomorrow (01/06).
  2. Conduct the research for your Genre Analysis Report, and be sure to keep track of your sources for your bibliography. Use the instructions in Step 3 of the assignment to guide your research. This is a large project, so I encourage you to work steadily during the weekend, rather than waiting until the last minute.
  3. Record the work you do during this weekend in your Labor Log. I will only grade the work that you recorded through today (Friday) You’ll have another entry due next Friday, and of course, you will use the information you are tracking when you write your final exam.


Note: This infographic has a text-based transcript.


Photo credit: Chrome Extensions Infographic from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.



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