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Grades on the Analysis Table Project

Grades on the Analysis Table Project published on
Text Alignment in Web Design

I have graded all of the Analysis of Writing in Your Field projects. To save time, I left minimal comments on the documents. Instead, I’ll provide additional information as a whole-class comment in this post.

This post also explains what you can do if you are not happy with your grade.

Overall Feedback for the Class

  • Requirements of the assignment. Yay! Everyone included 10 (or more!) kinds of writing. That didn’t happen last semester, so I’m quite pleased that you all read the instructions carefully..
  • Parallel grammatical structure. Remember that the text in all cells of a column needs to be grammatically parallel. They need to match in their structure. Read more about parallelism on the Purdue OWL for help and examples, and revisit the #Tutorial: Using Parallel Structures.
  • Centered text. Remember that the best design for text is flush left, ragged right. Centered text is harder to read. See the #Tutorial: Avoid Centered Text on the course website for help.

Revision Activities for the Analysis Project

I have reopened the assignment so that those of you who want to revise can improve your project. Follow the guidelines below to resubmit your work.

  1. If I made a mistake
    Send me an email message or a private message in Canvas with the details. I’ll fix it.
  2. If there were problems with the content or design of your bio
    Revise your project to improve your work, adding whatever is missing or tweaking the design. Resubmit your project, and I will regrade your work. All revisions MUST be submitted by 11:59PM on the last day of class (Friday, 1/12).
  3. If you did not submit your work at all
    It is too late. Be sure to turn in all the remaining projects if you want to pass the course.
  4. If something else is going on
    Send me an email message or a private message in Canvas with the details. I’ll see what I can do to help you.


Note: This infographic needs a text-based transcript. See the Optional Accessibility Transcript Activity for more details.


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