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#Tutorial: What to Include in Your Proposal

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This #Tutorial features a series of videos on that reviews the different parts that go into a proposal. Altogether, the videos will take 28m53s of your time. The videos includes all of the following:

  • Overview of proposal parts (4m40s)
  • Prefatory parts (5m28s)
  • Body parts (5m7s)
  • Ending parts (4m31s)
  • Appended parts (4m22s)
  • Visuals (4m45s)

Log in to see the video. A preview is below:

Writing a Proposal
by Judy Steiner-Williams


Note: This video has closed captioning, so it does not need a transcript.



Although proposals can very a lot, they all share some common ground. Since our short proposal assigned is very similar to an internal solicited proposal, the best thing to do is follow the directions to the “T”. The easiest place to find the exact directions is in the canvas modules, website articles or the assignment self-assessment.

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