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6 Tips to Write a Winning Proposal

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6 Tips to Write a Winning Proposal

6 Tips To Write A Winning Proposal

Infographic from www.; Transcript by Wei Xin Zheng

Description of Image Representing the Concept Tip
Icon of a scroll of paper, showing a page with lines that represent writing on the page. Make it Authentic

  • Customise proposal for every client.
  • DO NOT copy-paste a pre-written script.
  • Make it specific to the project.
Icon of two dialogue boxes that overlap in the middle. Focus on Starting a Conversation

  • Be polite. Be human.
  • Identify leverage points.
  • Do not make bids in vacuum.
Icon of two arrows pointing at each other’s tail, forming a circle, representing the process of questions and answers. Ask Questions

  • Ask one short question or a series of questions.
  • Communicate genuine interest.
  • Show that you care.
Line diagram showing a regular heart rhythm (that is, a sinus rhythm). Be Personal

  • Empathize with their situation.
  • Empathize with their tone.
  • Look for a common interest.
Line drawing outline of a human head and shoulders. Give Value

  • Communicate trust through reviews, recommendations.
  • Give the “what to do” not the “how to do it”
  • Show, [don’t] tell – share relevant attachments/demos
Icon of a check mark with a circle around it. Proofread

  • Check spellings.
  • Check grammar.
  • Check sentence construction.


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